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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a warranty when I buy a camper kit or get a van conversion?2021-11-30T04:46:04+00:00

Yes, all products have a 3-month warranty and we are always available for any queries or upgrades along the way.

Can I have my camper kit delivered?2021-11-23T08:13:55+00:00

Yes! We deliver all throughout Australia and provide guidelines to set it up in your vehicle. Delivery fees are covered by the buyer and they vary depending on the destination.

How much does a camper box cost?2021-12-06T09:07:59+00:00

Depending on the size and materials/finishes desired for the camper box, the prices may vary. They start from $1,300 AUD

Where are you located?2021-11-23T08:11:12+00:00

We’re in Perth, Western Australia. Feel free to book your visit to our shop by messaging us. We’re located in 4/5 Parkes St, Cockburn Central.

Do you sell vans?2021-11-23T08:17:10+00:00

We only do the camper vans conversions, and the vans are provided by the customers. We are happy to help out our customers with advice on our favourite vans and the features you should look up when searching for your van.

How long does a conversion take?2021-11-23T08:18:07+00:00

Depending on the size of the project, it may take a few days, weeks or months. A camper box or kit can take 2-3 weeks, whereas a full conversion can take up to 1-2 months depending on its complexity.

What is a camper van conversion?2021-11-23T08:22:16+00:00

It’s whatever you dream you camper van to be! We do full or partial conversions, and we can do either customised conversions according to the customer’s requirements and needs, or we also have pre-designed options for camper van kits, making the process of choosing your conversion very smooth, easy and quick.

How much does it cost to have my camper van converted?2021-11-23T08:09:56+00:00
The cost of a conversion can vary greatly depending on multiple factors: size of the van, materials and finishes, electrical system, appliances, cabinetry and more.
In general terms, a full conversion on a small size van would start from around AU$ 10.000
Can I convert my vehicle?2021-11-16T02:56:42+00:00

Yes, we can make a conversion into basically any vehicle.

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