Our Services



At Libra we can accomodate any requests when it comes to cabinetry: fully functioning kitchen units, beds, cupboards or anything in between.



We understand the importance of flooring while converting you camper van, so we offer a wide range of material options, insulation, sound deadener and any other requirements your van may need.

Walls & Ceilings


We offer different styles of ceiling and wall paneling, as well as insulation option and electrical system space needs.



We specialise in installing dual battery / DC-DC, AC-DC and solar systems according to your needs and budget. We also offer installation of lights, fans, ventilation and other accessories. All electrical work is 240v and includes the corresponding certification.



We are able to supply and install a wide range of appliances you may need for your camper van adventure. From gas cookers and fridges to sink, taps and any other utensils you may require. We work with top quality appliances to make sure all your equipment will last and will be safe to use.