Get a customised fit out

Bring us your van and we will fully customise it to your wants and needs. This is a one stop shop, offering you the:

  • design
  • insulation
  • panelling
  • coventry
  • electrics
  • water
  • and more

You can be apart of the design process, during the 3D modelling phase, so that you can see what your van will look like before we even start building it. You can assure that your van will be of the highest quality, as we use premium materials and all pieces are cut with a high precision CNC machine.

Order your pre-designed model

Libra Camper Kits are the perfect solution for many campervan conversions. We can build them or provide the flat pack option, ready to assemble, and suitable for those wanting to go down the DIY route. We have a series of pre-designed models for you to choose from. 


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Sustainable World Development

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